Brendan Brady


Brendan Brady is a fully qualified Chartered Tax Adviser, Accountant and Registered Auditor who gained his expertise in companies ranging from Big Four consultancy firms to smaller accounting practices. As a former Java developer, has a deep understanding of the challenges contractors face. He has years of experience in Ireland’s largest business and public sectors, including technology and health.

Brendan designs and delivers effective tax solutions to owner-managed business and individuals, and has a reputation for providing excellent tax, accounting and auditing services to a wide-ranging client list.

He understands that digital technologies are changing the nature of businesses of all kinds, envisages deep change in the provision of tax, accounting and auditing services, and integrates cutting-edge accounting technologies into his tax and accounting solutions, with a view to improving the quality of client services and passing significant savings on to them.

Brendan is a qualified Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) since 2009, and holds the full range of accounting qualifications from the ACCA and CPA Ireland. Brendan is also a Member of CPA Ireland’s Financial Reporting Sub-Committee, where he relays the views of the CPA Institute to the Financial Reporting Council and the International Accounting Standards Board

Alan Fay

Alan Fay

Alan is a dedicated accounts manager and an ACCA affiliate who has a deep appreciation of the challenges contractors face when working in Ireland. He understands the nuances of policies, processes and people in business, and the relationship between quality and high standards.

Blue Star’s clients appreciate Alan’s ability to see any problem from their side of the table, and his determination to work closely in finding a resolution. He prides himself on his meticulous and honest approach to work and has built up excellent problem-solving and communication skills after years working with all kinds of clients and the general public.

Alan’s views on technology and its ever-growing impact on business and accounting are in line with the company culture, and he conducts regular research into the latest digital accounting practices.

Alan studied Business Administration at undergraduate level before going on to take the full range of ACCA exams, gaining theoretical and practical expertise in fields such as Taxation, Financial Management, Management Accounting and Performance Management

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